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        welcome Bazhou tongda metal products co., LTD
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        Contact us
        Contact us
        Service Hotline:
        Contact Hotline
        Contact person:Manager Wang


        Address:Hebei bazhou shengfang protection high speed exports south 100 meters
        Current location: > Contact us
        Contact us

        Bazhou Tongda Metal Products Co., Ltd.

        Sales Hotline: 0316-7511119

        Fax: 0316-7512666

        Galvanized Pipe Sales Department:

        Wang Wei: 13831671333

        Wang Li: 13930696989

        Galvanized Steel Strip Sales Department:

        Website: www.larrythebarberman.com

        Email: tdjs@bztd.com


        Address: 100 meters south of Shengfang Exit of Baojin Expressway, Bazhou City, Hebei Province

        Factory Name: Bazhou Tongda Metal Products Co., Ltd.


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